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“Shelley has been on contract with United Way Suncoast for the past 5 years; she is involved in a number of research, strategic planning, and evaluation projects. Her commitment to learning and teaching is evident in her work. Most importantly, as a consultant she has never disappointed us. She always delivers a product that is of the highest quality and has never missed a deadline.”
Emery M. Ivery, Tampa Bay Area President, United Way Suncoast

“Dr. Robertson and I have worked together to help various nonprofit organizations assess and improve the effectiveness of their programs. I also played a minor advisory role in Dr. Robertson’s study of the federal, state and local public-private programs to stabilize the population of Texas’ endangered golden-cheeked warbler. This work was commissioned by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and has served as a model for subsequent species-recovery analyses. Her intellectual interests are wide ranging, and she has applied her considerable analytical skills to issues as diverse as the successful relocation of people made homeless by Hurricane Katrina to the effectiveness of Florida’s anti-tobacco education for young people–not to mention the Hill Country warbler.”
Andrew Walker, Executive Director, Bat Conservation International

For the BRAIVE program, a multi-state initiative with multiple grantees, the funder stated that the report submitted “was among the best reports we have ever received. Clear, concise, informative, thoughtful, and very professionally done.”